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The Bickerton – Grace Gallery have introduced an amazing project of sharing sentiment through the medium of art. The idea of this project is to divide the art into pieces in order to bring together a connection between people, giving one and all the opportunity to share in the «Sentiment» of the piece. This exclusive Bickerton – Grace Gallery idea has already been observed and celebrated by many who already hold their piece of sentiment!

For this project I chose my artwork «Fontana di Trevi», the hi-res image of which was printed on canvas and divided into 1000 pieces. Each piece is mounted on 24 carat gold leaf and beautifully framed in these bespoke wood frames 12cmsq signed and numbered. A copy of the full image can be found on the back of the frame.

If you want to be part of this unique and exciting project that creates a human connection through the medium of art you can purchase one in a thousand pieces of my artwork «Fontana di Trevi»: