Dear art lovers and collectors,

Welcome to my site!

My name is Alessia Lu and I am self-taught artist. I create physical paintings using acrylics on canvas and digital visual art using modern technologies.

I graduated from a university where I received a higher legal education. I made a significant career as a lawyer. However, art has always been an important part of my life. By nature of my profession I had the opportunity to observe different manifestations of human emotions and interactions. As a result, at some point I reconsidered my attitude towards the system of social interactions and the place of a human being in the Big World. So I realized that I cannot combine a formalized legal approach to a person and an artist’s broad vision of the world. So, several years ago I made an important decision to leave jurisprudence to devote myself to art. Now my works are in private and corporate collections internationally.

My purpose in art is to enjoy the process of creation and to reflect in my artworks my vision of the world as an inspiring place for each of us.

Thanks for visiting my site!